May Athena make you wise(er than I am)!

8 November 2016


It took some time, but the blog section of the website is finally up – albeit as a practice run. I will finalise it in a week or so, but until then I may as well add some content.

I have decided to make the blog something of an aside to the website, mainly because I don’t trust myself to keep to a regular blogging schedule. However, I have big plans. Apart from my review of Nissim Francez’s Proof-theoretic semantics, the first instalment of which will go up tomorrow, here’s what else I have in store for you.

Lately, I have been thinking about immigration and refugees and re-read Dummett’s book (On immigration and refugees). (Incidentally, this is the only book on the topic I have ever read, so blogging about this is gonna be a kind of ‘amateurs-gone-bonkers’ affair.) I will report these thoughts.

I also have a blog post written in Romanian about a couple (?) of years ago. I wrote it when the ‘refugees crisis’ hit its peak. At that time, it was hard to tell who had the more disgusting attitude: the Romanian government or the Romanian intelligentsia. What was clear is that they were equally dumb, so I thought even my amateuresque intervention may help. The post was never published. I sent it to a friend who was running a nice (leftist) blogging platform, but he said pass, ostensibly because it was too abstract. It is true that it was developing a philosophical argument of sorts and I reckon you can’t go more abstract than this if you want to write words, not formulae. So I’ll try to post that here.

All this should keep me busy for a couple of weeks, provided I’ll find the time/energy to get any busier than I already am.

A tout!